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Randy Bloom
New York-based abstract painter

Terry Fenton
Canadian painter & critic

John Link
Discussion and Interviews

Mark LaRivière
Abstract Painter

Anthony Caro

Moffett's Artletter 2.0
Home of the 'New New' Collection

A Journal of Plain Talk about New Art

Barbara Florio Graham
Author, teacher, creativity expert

Kirk Hughey
Abstract Painter in Paris

Ira Altschiller
California-based artist

Vasilij Belikov
Russian Painter

Vladimir Vasicek
Czech Abstract Painter

Marilyn Kirsch
Painting and Work on Paper

Clement Greenberg

Jan Mulder
Dutch painter

David Dalessandro
Paintings & Drawings

Abstract Art Repository
Artists; History; Writing; Info
(A Work in Progress)

Lou Patrou
Painter and Printmaker

Marjorie Minkin

Charles Gibbons
Abstract Painter in Canada

the online magazine of art & ideas

a gathering of the tribes
arts and culture
from a diverse perspective

online survey of artistic developments

The Vision Grove
Online Community and Art Gallery